Rick got his start in 1989 working for Trina’s Dad at his large RV dealership on Cassat Ave., in Jacksonville, Florida. Within a few years Rick was made Vice President and took over the dealership. In 2003, Trina’s Dad retired, and at that time, they made the decision to start their own dealership, Rick Baker’s RV Center Inc. With the RV industry rapidly changing, in 2019 they made the decision to put their business property up for sale. By the end of 2020 they had sold the property where Rick Baker’s RV Center Inc. was located and in January of 2022 they began Rick Baker RV Mobile Services and Consulting LLC. While Rick is on the front end doing everything from consulting with customers, scheduling service jobs, ordering parts, working hands-on installing an air conditioner or awning, or inspecting an RV, Trina is on the back end working to ensure that the office is running smoothly.


About Rick & Trina

With more than 30 years of experience in the RV industry, and after 20 years of having our own RV Dealership, we finally made the decision to retire from the Sales end of it… or as we like to call it, “the rat race”. 

As the years have passed, the RV industry has been continually changing. At the time that we first started our RV dealership- there were many small Dealers just like us all over the country and the competition was fierce, but fun! However in more recent years and as the times began to change, the internet became the main place for people to buy and sell and this included RV’s. Unless you were one of the big guys, it became almost impossible to compete. Most people don’t realize that big RV Dealers are able to buy large quantities of inventory at a reduced cost which can then be passed down to the consumer, while the “little guys” like us were only able to stock so much inventory, so the actual cost per RV was always more. Unfortunately, this was not a win for the consumer nor was it a win for us- so the decision was made to sell the property where our dealership was located and retire from the sales end of the business. 

During the last several years before closing, I took over our service department and so along with selling our RV’s, I became our own dealership’s Service manager. While sales had always been my number one passion, running the service end of it became like second nature to me. I gained valuable hands-on experience during those last several years I was in business. It gave me real knowledge about all of the different RV components… I found which components worked best as well as which ones were more likely to break. I learned in depth exactly how things worked, what brand of parts are the best to use, what maintenance products should be used to help the RV’s to be more sustainable and I gained a better understanding of how to solve the many different problems that can come with owning an RV.

To this day, my passion is still the RV industry, even with all of its changes. I love talking to people and sharing my knowledge with them and along with helping them solve a service problem, it has always been rewarding for me to help someone find that special RV of their dreams.  

Once you own an RV however, just like with a home, it is inevitable that service issues will arise. Moving forward, with the experience I have in the service end of the industry as well as the 10 years I spent being VP of one of the largest RV Dealerships in NE Florida and finally the last 20 years as a Dealer myself, my goal is to pass on to you the consumer, everything that I have learned over my 30 plus years in the business.

While my wife and I earned our living in the RV industry, we have also, always been RV’ers. Like most who enjoy the RV life, we are dog lovers and in 28 years have never been without a dog… Currently, we have 3 little ones and they always travel with us. We have traveled and camped in almost every style RV made, whether it’s been a Travel Trailer, Fifth Wheel, Class C or Motorhome… we’ve done them all! We love our current RV and spend a lot of time in it. So along with having been a dealer for so long, we also personally know the in’s and out’s, the do’s and don'ts, and what works and what doesn’t - when it comes to owning an RV.

Once “retirement” from the sales end of this business became evident, I spent quite a bit of time talking with Trina and others, and mulling over the different ways to stay involved in the RV industry itself. My wife and I came to the conclusion that along with continuing to offer the service end of the industry, I could best serve people by sharing my knowledge to the general public through consulting. It is my hope to be able to pass on what I’ve learned over the years to you the consumer and my promise to provide you with the best RV service around. In these ever changing times we live in, the one thing we can all still enjoy is the outdoors. What better way to do that than in your RV and my goal is to help you live your BEST RV life!


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